Security solutions

Product introduction

FPGA module based on HIGHT block encryption algorithm. It is a module that shares the operation logic that is used repeatedly to divide 64-bit data into upper 32 bits and lower 32 bits.

  • Low power and H/W lightweighting by reducing the number of use gates in semiconductors
  • More scalability and applicability than traditional cryptographic modules
  • Can be used in IoT and overall security

The HIGHT block cipher algorithm is an encryption algorithm that processes block data in 64-bit units (hereinafter referred to as KISA) developed by the Korea Internet & Security Agency. We took over the intellectual property rights of the KUMO University-Industry Foundation and implemented a HIGHT encryption / decryption algorithm using Verilog.

HIGHT Cancer/Duble FPGA Verification Results

   Through the HIGHT block password algorithm can be enhanced security by encrypting the underlying data (e.g., penguin photography) as shown above.