Smart Farm


Product introduction

It is an AI-based smart farm system that combines the technology of judging the plant's growth status by photographing images of plants that are difficult to see with the naked eye and analyzing color data.

  • Prevention and proactive response to botany disease
  • Contactless methods reduce damage and plant stress
  • Possible to check the damage of water pipe which is not visible in RGB area

         By contactlessly acquiring the image of the plant with a camera, the height and area of the plant are separated and analyzed by the wavelength of the visible light             band in the software to indicate the growth stage and nutritional status of the plant. The machine learning based plant growth measurement system measures the           image images of plants according to the schedule, sends them to the image acquisition server, and analyzes the transmitted image information to generate                       training data for machine learning. Training data is used to guide plant nutritional deficiencies in open source machine learning to extract the optimal algorithms               for growth measurement.

Nutrient deficiency data
Program screen

         Farmers can use the system applied to smartphones to predict the symptoms and stress of cultivated crops and apply them to the improvement of product                         quality. Agriculture Organization can be used to determine plant pests such as ‘burn disease’, which is a foot-and-mouth disease, and to investigate                                     epidemiological investigations and quarantine. At the time of sarcomaing and raising seedlings, it is possible to increase the yield by grasping the condition of                   crops in the early stage and apply it to the smart farm’s operating system, which can be used as a decision support system for plant cultivation.