• Smart Farm

    Dasung Tech can monitor the plant’s growth environment and determine the status of crops through an Artificial Intelligence-based plant growth measurement system.

  • FPGA security module

    Dasung Tech provides strong security by mounting encryption algorithms in fpga modules

  • Fingerprint-based solutions

    "Multistar Tech has fingerprint-based solutions and products.

Business Parts


Create mobile and application applications to meet customer requirements

Security solutions

We produce FPGA-based encryption modules and use them in a variety of applications

IoT New Business

We are promoting our business in new IoT areas such as smart door locks and fingerprint recognition safes.

Image Processing SW

Image processing SW field that processes image data such as artificial intelligence, fingerprint recognition, etc.

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  • Smart door lock

    Smart door lock is a product that operates in a wireless Internet (WIFI) environment and can be opened and closed to the mobile device device that the user owns.

  • Fingerprint Safe

    A combination of a portable security token-based fingerprint sensor and a safe, the user can use the fingerprint sensor as the key, and finally the user’s fingerprint must be recognized before the safe is opened.

  • Smart Farm

    Smart Farm is a system that measures the growth status of plants and monitors crop environments based on their own video processing libraries.

  • FPGA-based security module

    A security module based on field programmable Gate Array (FPGA), which produces security modules in the form of H/W with various encryption algorithms, allowing you to link products and security modules whereyou want them.